NCAV Stocks (Float)

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Average 3-month volume for this stock.
Market Capitalization for this Company
NCAV (Graham Number, Net-Net Value) for this stock, based on the float.
66% of NCAV (Graham Number, Net-Net Value) for this stock, based on the float.
Last Closing Price as a percentage of NCAV. (NCAV calculated based on the float).
Total number of shares in the float for this stock.
Closing Price on the last trading day before the generation date of this record. Mouse over for current price.
Price to Book value of this stock.
Operational Cash Flow per share.
Altman Z-Score.
Piotroski Score.
Timestamp of DB entry.

Alternative Graham Number (NCAV, based on the float) stocks sorted by last close, relative to 66% NCAV.
(From 2/07/2010 this will be a pure NCAV screen; the positive Operating Cash Flow criteria has been dropped.
Therefore you may notice more stocks on the screen.

Explanation of this Stock Screen (Number of Shares in Float is used instead of Shares Outstanding).

Note: Table is sortable by clicking on the column headers. Mouse over Price (most recent month end price is shown) to get current price.

Ticker Company Name Avg Vol Mkt Cap Last Close NCAV 66% NCAV Price% of 66%NCAV Shares In Float Price/Book OCF/Shr Altman Z-Score Piotroski Timestamp
0 $0 $0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00% 0 0.00 0.00 2016-07-16 13:06:34