The Graham Investor

Where long term value investing is concerned, Benjamin Graham was the original Intelligent Investor. Graham, (1894-1976) contributed enormously to the subjects of Value Investing and Security Analysis. Whether you are performing your own portfolio management, looking for a timely company report or just need ideas on buying stocks to boost your Roth IRA or 401k retirement savings accounts ahead of Wall Street, The Graham Investor is the Value Investing site for you. We have stock quotes and stock lists (including small cap and tech stocks) with specific information that you won’t find in Investors Business Daily or Barron’s.

We use a computerized scan to quickly sift through the fundamentals of thousands of stocks to find those which are in some way undervalued or ignored by Wall Street and the investing public for no good reason in spite of stellar results year after year.

The Graham Investor develops, tests and offers methodologies to scan for stocks with a “Ben Graham” bent. Whether or not you are ready to buy stocks or invest, please feel free to browse around the site:

Benjamin Graham always tried to buy stocks that were trading at a discount to their Net Current Asset Value. In other words he buy stocks that were undervalued and hold them until they became fully valued.

“The determining trait of the enterprising investor is his willingness to devote time and care to the selection of securities that are both sound and more attractive than the average. Over many decades, an enterprising investor of this sort could expect a worthwhile reward for his extra skill and effort in the form of a better average return than that realized by the passive investor.” Ben Graham in “The Intelligent Investor”, 1949.

One of Graham’s best-known disciples, Warren Buffett, certainly could be said to have followed the above advice to the letter. Buffett, through his investment vehicle Berkshire Hathaway, has achieved compounded annual gains of 22.2 percent over the last 39 years (as at 2004). That is a truly remarkable record. Many people may think that 22.2 percent is nothing compared with some of the websites and newsletters nowadays offering 70%, 100%, even 200% or more annual gains. But try doing that year-after-year! If anything can be said, it is that the hype merchants always fall by the wayside, but Buffett still reigns supreme as the greatest investor of recent times.

But what was it that made Graham’s ideas stand out? Not the mere notion of buying low, and selling high. More the notion of buying cheap assets and selling expensive assets, or looking for large gaps between a stock’s worth and its price — Graham’s so-called MARGIN OF SAFETY.

This approach used to take a lot of time — active investment. It could not be done passively. Until now.

We are continually adding content and new features (including new, improved stock screening) so please be sure to check back regularly for updates!